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I am honored to have support from these state and local organizations. 

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Today, as I look at the interwoven pandemics of COVID, homelessness, and the worsening mental health and addiction crises, it is heart wrenching to see how these are affecting my patients, my neighbors and communities across our region. I feel compelled to run, and to build upon my work on the streets, by developing long-term, sustainable policy solutions at the state level. 


I have expertise in Public Health, Infectious Disease and Integrative Medicine and board certifications in Internal Medicine and Addiction.  My medical background, coupled with decades-long primary care practice and current work for the University of Washington with the homeless and those suffering from mental health and addiction challenges, makes me uniquely qualified to represent our district. 


In Olympia, I will work with diverse stakeholders to develop substantive policies that will address these challenges in an equitable, compassionate and sustainable way. 

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Nancy Connolly former candidate for State Representative

We are in the middle of a global pandemic, yet there are no doctors in our elected state house contributing to our public health policy.

Homelessness is increasing and we have all noticed more tent encampments and people living in their cars since the start of the pandemic.


Mental health and addiction services, underfunded prior to the pandemic, are worsening and exhausting our increasingly strained hospitals and social services.  Despite this, there are few legislators who work directly with the homeless, and no doctors who work directly with those needing mental health and addiction services.

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